Friday, March 5, 2010


Ok first , u guys do fuck around , n it does fucks me up , better watch your mouth cuhs one fine day a fist will come to your face , get it ?

Sorry for the bad lnguage above , due to this particular person and his members . Just done reading bm , hopefully can score . Chemistry idk what to say , berserah je la . For modern maths i think ok ok la , we'll see first la first exam ni .

Signing out , back to books =.= .


Sunday, February 28, 2010

17h Century Breakdown

Baru lepas buat karangan , first time in my high school history buat hw karangan haha , well it does help , to me la , next week 1st examination is starting and mum is coming home , can't wait . Oh yea , today one of my uncle's , i think so , just passed away , innalilah , idk due to what , it's quite sad cause every year we visited them and we do know them well and their children's grew succesfully wahhh .

Idk la , these days perasan jugak yg i've changed a lot . Dah jarang lepak dgn senior last year , semua busy dengan hal masing - masing . If jumpe lepak , if tak , tak lah haha . Jealousy tu ade tgk dorang mcm da bebas , bole buat mcm - mcm , but for my state , ade batas . Sekolah lagi la ktakan , but i thnk school does interesting :)

Within these months , dah byk bnde berlaku hahaha , last week , my dad had to came to school cause of these m*&^%$# spotcheck argh , cellphne n lighter kena rampas haha , kelakar la bile ingt blik , dgn kelam kabut dye haha . But these particular person really tensed me up , it's atitude really annoys me stinks .

*Sorry Afiq Izzani for today hahaha , 2 kali kot kena tepung + telur , wahhh , xpernah dgr org kena 2 kali nih haha

That's it for today , i guess , will update later if ths brdband tak buat perangai .

chaloooo .

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Day For Chinesse New Year

Hye , well today bangun lambat , semua tido . Saya seorang saja yg bgun haha . 8 am off to school , ade pameran kebudayaan cina , interesting and great work guys . Evening football as usual , malam ni xkua la , nape ek ?
entah la .

Anyway , that's all for today

chaloo .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello .

penat sey today seriously .
mssd , dapat ke ? maybe la haha .

btw 9feb first exam , hopefully everything will be fine . Need to push a lil bit more . 2 weeks more she's coming back , cant wait , I miss you mum . Nanti boleh bodek hahaha

That's it , tatau mau tulis ape ma haha , byebye .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today , 3rd time kena tahan , late for school =.=
argh , why teacher's see me remembered them to haikal ? haha
nama saya Qayyum la cikgu haish , tapi ade benefit dye jugak hehe u know .
ths year mcm gampang jea , serious penat jadi form 5 , so for form 4 students be ready for the worst .

I need a speedlight asap .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just washing it aside
All of the helplessness inside
Pretending I don't feel misplaced
It's so much simpler than change .

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hrini buat ape ?
snap snap jea , port kitowang hehe .
ermm my grandma buat thlil , fcuk delicious n mouth-watering brooo
Oh yeaa , aq ade lupee nk ajak membe2 lain , opps sorry !
kelang kabut la bro , last min info , yg xdpt msg aq tu , too bad :D

ermm esk ?
Study 1st , then kuaa lepakk snkr kot , lai lai
or chilling dkat rumah hatim with his new dslr 450d ! ASS !

Cant wait for 2010 , wonder how it's liked hehe

One year :)